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    Down South, we fry everything – chicken, okra, turkeys, spam, Snickers bars–and some, like Uncle Bud, fry peanuts. Fried peanuts are a southern delicacy that you will enjoy whether you are southern or not. If you're a peanut lover, you're gonna love Uncle Bud's Deep Fried Peanuts. We use a select variety of peanut, that when fried for the right length of time and at the right temperature, these little goobers are transformed into golden, crispy, crunchy nuggets. Add our special seasonings and you have a snack that is absolutely delicious and downright habit forming. Uncle Bud's Deep Fried Peanuts are so good, "you can eat ‘em shell n all." But don't take our word for it. Order some today and see for yourself. Now we understand that there are some folks out there that just can't get over the fact that they're eatin' a peanut shell. This is in spite of the fact that Uncle Bud's Deep Fried Peanuts have no Cholesterol and no Trans Fats; and are loaded with fiber. That being the case, and in an attempt to be all things to all peanut lovers, we offer to you, the Peanut Connoisseur Extraordinaire, the opportunity to enjoy Uncle Bud's Deep Fried Peanuts - SHELLED (which means no shell for you folks unfamiliar with produce terms). They come in 3 flavors and you're gonna love ‘em, fried up, seasoned up and callin' your name.
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